Intel Graphic Driver/card for windows 7 - Problem Windows 7 SP1 Old Intel Graphic Driver

Published: 11th May 2011
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Windows Intel Graphic Driver

Intel Graphic Driver allows the operating system to communicate with computer peripherals. As new drivers are released every month with tweaks and fixes to improve performance of outdated the hardware you buy, it is imperative that the Intel Graphic Driver must be updated regularly. Performing a Intel Graphic Driver update when certain hardware of your computer isn’t working properly or the current driver is conflicting with other hardware drivers is crucial in avoiding system crashes and reduced performance.

Why Update Intel Graphic Driver

Installing the latest drivers is the best way to improve system performance and application compatibility. Updating drivers include numerous bug fixes as well as system optimizations. To ensure optimal system stability, it is recommended to use Official Intel Graphic Drivers and not Beta or Prerelease versions. Beta or Prerelease Intel Graphic Driver should only be considered when a serious application bug is fixed in them and the component manufacturer has not yet released the Official driver version that includes the bug fix.

How to Update Intel Graphic Drivers

To update your Intel Graphic Driver, there no need to uninstall the current drivers to install the latest ones. You can simply install the latest driver and then update the current one. The component manufacturer often releases newer Intel Graphic Drivers that are safe to install and offer better performance. You can find out the manufacturer of your hardware and then open the manufacturer's driver support website. With the hardware information in Device Manager, you will be able to locate the latest drivers to update hardware.

Usually, users choose to update Intel Graphic Driver through Device Manager.

The first step is to go to the Device Manager. Next, locate the device for which you want to update the Intel Graphic Driver. Click on the [+] icon to expand the hardware categories, in order to view all your devices. Right click on the device, and from the list of options shown in the pop-up menu, click on ‘Properties’, and the device properties window will open. In the Properties window, point your mouse on the Driver tab and click on it. Then you will find the 'Update Driver' button, click on it and the Update Driver wizard will open.

Getting the Newest Intel Graphic Driver

To ensure your computer function optimally, download and run Driver Checker. This utility will scan for Intel Graphic Driver and any other outdated drivers on your PC and update them to the latest versions.

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