McAfee Site Advisor Remover—How Can You Uninstall McAfee Site Advisor Completely And Safely

Published: 22nd September 2010
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If you are experiencing problems with the reinstall of McAfee Site Advisor, you need to uninstall the software before trying to repair or upgrade to a newer version. Normally, people can uninstall McAfee Site Advisor with the instructions provided here.

Solution 1.Remove McAfee Site Advisor use Add or Remove Programs wizard of Control Panel from computer system with the following steps:

① Open the Start menu and select Control Panel.
② Double-click the Add or Remove Programs option to open the corresponding window.
③ Locate and select McAfee Site Advisor listed within the Add or Remove Programs and select Remove.
④ Select all checkboxes on the screen to select the McAfee Site Advisor you want to remove and proceed with the removal process. To ensure complete uninstall, you must uninstall all McAfee Site Advisor files.
⑤ Restart the PC after the uninstall process is complete.

Solution two, forcibly uninstall McAfee Site Advisor through hard drive where the software is installed with McAfee Site Advisor removal tool.

In some cases, if the McAfee Site Advisor still exists after you have uninstalled it with method one, then force uninstall the directory or program files of it with the following steps:

① Open My Computer.
② Navigate to Program Files folder of McAfee Site Advisor in the hard drive. For example, C:\Program Files\McAfee Site Advisor.)
③ Locate all files of the McAfee Site Advisor and start the force uninstall.
④ Finally, open the Add or Remove Programs again to check up the progress of the removal.

If the McAfee Site Advisor cannot be removed with the above instruction, you can download a professional software uninstaller which can not only uninstall all files of McAfee Site Advisor but also automatically clean up the left over registry information of the program. If you couldn't find a proper software uninstaller, you can resort to McAfee Site Advisor Uninstall Helper site.

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